Thread blocking forever when using Ruby

Hello all,

When testing my Ruby wrapper in Linux, I found a nasty… incompatability?
After running a Ruby script that inits video, gdb tells me that, when
quitting the script (after SQL_Quit) a thread forever blocks or waits,
preventing Ruby from exiting. Ruby itself doesn’t use pthreads or any
other threading library (it does its simple threading all by itself) so I
guess it’s one of SDL’s threads that’s blocking. Could this be the event
thread? There’s someone else also doing a wrapper for SDL, and he has
taken the approach of requiring --disable-pthreads when configuring SDL,
which is too much of a hack for me. I saw that the timer can optionally
run in a thread, can I also tell SDL to not run things in a thread? Maybe
it’s a bug? It might also be Ruby, I’ve posted an email like this to
Ruby’s list.

Dag Allemaal!