Threads , c# sdl

Hi Ladies and Guys
can someone tell me where to learn to use Threads with C# SDL, in Internet or someone who has a little example?
another thing: how to read from keyboard without the Events class?
I tried
but it crashed my program
I supposse also the Tick Event should be ignored if using Threads …
As you can see I found a very important conflict between the SDL Events and using Threads …
The reason why I m trying to add Threads to my program is that in my Mario game’s aquatic level, it?slowed down the normal speed (50 Fps)?because of bliting the “water” surface onto the level surface, to make the “underwater” effect, using transparency with Alpha value
For those that remember my problems from a few months ago, I tell them I got my Mario Game much better, reduce the file size very much, and reduce almost to nothing the level loading time
Perhaps I ll send the link to download it again, for you, … when I solve this Threads issue
PS I remind you I m from Argentina, I m not a native English talker

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