To Sam: RE: PS2 Linux problems

OK, I downloaded the Sunday, Aug 25 source, and the
problem is still apparent. To recap:

The left hand edge of the framebuffer appears in the
centre of the screen, the supposed centre actually
appears on the right, wraps round to the left, and the
right of the buffer is shown in the centre again.

However, some further investigation revealed that:

(setcrtmode is a command on PS2 Linux to switch
between VESA, DTV, PAL and NTSC mode.)

My usual setcrtmode command defaults to PAL
nointerlace 32bpp 640 240. This makes text nice and
easy to read (comparitively speaking). I’d like to
play games in this mode.

Running a test SDL program in this mode suffers from
the above problem.

If I then run setcrtmode interlace 640 480 and run a
test app, the problem remains.

However, quitting the test and running it again,
without changing anything, fixes the problem! Then if
I setcrtmode back to the default, and run the program,
it runs brilliantly.

Running the program on second and subsequent times
causes the problem again.

So, the SECOND time I run the program after changing
to interlaced mode, everything works as expected, and
the SECOND time after chanign bakc to non-interlaced,
the problem re-appears.

I have no idea, with my limited knowledge of the
PS2GS, what could be causing this strange ‘hangover’
effect, but either way it points to an error in the
non-interlaced PAL code somewhere.

If I come up with anything more, I’ll let you know.__________________________________________________
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