[tobias@berlin-consortium.org: Bug#138153: libsdl1.2debian: Blitting problems]

Sam, this is the snapshot of 1.2.4cvs you made for Branden and I to test.

I’m not sure if this partially offscreen blit is supposed to work or not,
but if it is, I would prefer to patch just this if possible and not update
to current CVS because of the woody freeze process.

I may be out of touch for a few days or so since I’m moving in two days’
time, but I will try to address this issue if it needs addressing in
Debian as soon as I get back online.–
Joseph Carter glDisable (DX8_CRAP);

Perhaps Debian is concerned more about technical excellence rather than
ease of use by breaking software. In the former we may excel. In the
latter we have to concede the field to Microsoft. Guess where I want to go
– Manoj Srivastava

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