TODO for 1.2 (and a couple notes from 1.3 TODO)

So what’s on the bench for 1.2 to be considered “finished as such” and
devel starts on 1.3??? There’s been too much 1.3-requests of late as
far as I’m concerned g.

Just read TODO for 1.3: (clipping the ones that stand out)

  • Use /etc/fb.modes, if available, like GGI does

out of curiousity, what do you mean?

  • Shaped windows, windows without borders

from the look of things, aren’t windows without borders done?

  • Use RDTSC for timer resolution on x86 hardware

making sure RDTSC is available of course g … and while a test could be
added now, none of the current SDL code requires this flag. Wouldn’t be a
bad idea to have a hook added to one of the headers though, to save time
and trouble for later. I believe some developers here already use RDTSC
and maybe they could test the hook to make sure it works. (I don’t. And
while multidisplay makes me curious, other than multiple -monitors- I’m
not terribly interested :slight_smile:

G’day, eh? :slight_smile:
- Teunis