Tool windows - initial click messages (mac osx)

is there a way to make SDL2 created windows behave like tool windows, e.g. initial clicks and drags send regular window messages. The default behaviour is the first click will only activate and raise a window, and if that’s a drag all the messages are lost; (I’ve tried various hacks to attempt to forward it)

the scenario is i’m writing a simple editor and just wanted to use plain windows as toolboxes, palettes etc instead of dealing with a more elaborate framework to further partition a main window

platform - mac osx. i notice there are some extra calls (‘utility window’) that are related to X11 only. my problem would be solved on a linux window manager with ‘focus follows mouse’. emulating ‘focus follows mouse’ would solve this

Does adding:


make any difference?

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thanks, this fixed it. i still have an issue with certain trackpad scenarios but real mouse clicks (which i want) work