Tutorial of LazyFoo: 45 - timer callbacks does not compile in Xcode

Hi guys, I was trying to run the following tutorial in Xcode 8.0
but there is an error: no matching function for call to 'SDL_AddTimer’
How can I please fix that?

Many thanks!


 Uint32 callback( Uint32 interval, void* param )
        //Print callback message
        cout << "Callback called back with message: \n" << (char*)param;
        return 0;

    int main( int argc, char* args[] )
        //Start up SDL and create window
        if( !init() )
            printf( "Failed to initialize!\n" );
            //Load media
            if( !loadMedia() )
                printf( "Failed to load media!\n" );
                //Main loop flag
                bool quit = false;
                //Event handler
                SDL_Event e;
                //Set callback
                SDL_TimerID timerID = SDL_AddTimer( 3 * 1000, callback, "3 seconds waited!"  ); /*this line does not compile! */
                //While application is running
                while( !quit )
                    //Handle events on queue
                    while( SDL_PollEvent( &e ) != 0 )
                        //User requests quit
                        if( e.type == SDL_QUIT )
                            quit = true;
                    //Clear screen
                    SDL_SetRenderDrawColor( gRenderer, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF );
                    SDL_RenderClear( gRenderer );
                    //Render splash
                    gSplashTexture.render( 0, 0 );
                    //Update screen
                    SDL_RenderPresent( gRenderer );
                //Remove timer in case the call back was not called
                SDL_RemoveTimer( timerID );
        //Free resources and close SDL
        return 0;

This is weird, the call to SDL_AddTimer() looks correct and the callback
also has the correct signature.
When/where from do you get that error? When compiling (from clang) or is
it just some Xcode Editor hint? You could safely ignore the latter…
If it’s a compiler error, could you post more of it (I guess you’d get
several lines of information on the error then)?


SDL_TimerID timerID = SDL_AddTimer( 3 * 1000, callback, “3 seconds waited!”);

Hi there the full error output is the following:

No matching function for call to ‘SDL_AddTimer’

extern DECLSPEC SDL_TimerID SDLCALL SDL_AddTimer(Uint32 interval,
SDL_TimerCallback callback,
void *param);

/Library/Frameworks/SDL2.framework/Headers/SDL_timer.h:93:37: Candidate function not viable: no known conversion from ‘const char [18]’ to ‘void *’ for 3rd argument

Any idea how to fix it?

Many thanks in advance.

Ah, it’s about the const (string literals like “3 seconds waited” are
implicitly const)!
param is a non-const pointer, so while converting from char* or char[42]
to void* would just work, it doesn’t work for const char* or const
char[42] - you need to add an explicit cast to make it work, like:

SDL_AddTimer( 3 * 1000, callback, (void*)“3 seconds waited!” );


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Perfect, now it works! Many thanks for your help and explanation! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your correction. Appreciate your explanation!
I had tried
SDL_AddTimer (3 * 1000, callback, (void *) (“3 seconds waited!”));
which didn’t work. :confused:
Care to explain why?