Tutorials about mobile development with SDL

In the last month, given the experience to port Eat the Whistle (
http://www.ggsoft.org/etw) to iOS (
https://itunes.apple.com/app/eat-the-whistle/id581355601), and in a few
days to Andoid, I’ve written a few tutorials that I think could be helpful
to SDL programmers that want to port their existing desktop games to the
mobile world :slight_smile:

Here they are:

From desktop to mobile:
Part1: http://www.ggsoft.org/index.php?mod=read&id=1358867224
Part2: http://www.ggsoft.org/index.php?mod=read&id=1358939018
Part3: http://www.ggsoft.org/index.php?mod=read&id=1359121991

From iOS to Android:

I’d appreciate comments here, since I’ve had to disable the "comments"
section of my blog for spammers… :slight_smile:

Here is the video trailer I’ve made for the game (using Reflector for
capture, a shareware AirPlay server, and iMovie on OSX):


PS: Please do not report errors about grammar, except if the concept of a
sentence is not understandable, I’m not a native english speaker :slight_smile: