Tux Paint 2002.07.17

yawn A new version is available, and it’s time for me to go to bed!

Changes include some new magical effects, and a ‘delete file’ option on
the ‘Open’ screen.

Full summary of changes:

  • Added Flip, Mirror, Rainbow and Chalk “Magic” tools.
  • Shape’s and Magic’s tools’ tips now appear when they are selected.
  • “New” tool wasn’t available after opening a saved picture. Fixed.
  • Animated prompt window’s appearance and dismissal.
  • Now prompts to save a changed image before opening.
  • Save’s “camera shutter” sound effect now plays completely before quitting.
  • “Open” screen now has a cursor (select image, then click “Open” to load)
  • “Open” screen can now delete pictures (select image, then click “Erase”)
  • Changes to “clean” Makefile target
  • Initial man page
  • More memory freeing cleanups.