Tux Paint 2002.07.19

I’ve released a new version of Tux Paint!

It incorporates a few changes which were put in the 2002.07.18 Windows release
by John Popplewell, as well as a lot of other changes and new features:

New features:

  • Added Sparkle and Fade “Magic” tools.

  • Added option for simple Shape tool (no rotation mode) (–simpleshapes)

  • Added accelerator keys (e.g. Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-R for Undo and Redo)

  • Added key controls for “Open” dialog.

  • Added key controls for pop-up prompts.


  • Installs man page into /usr/share/man by default now.

  • Man page now gzipped when installed.

  • No longer installs “INSTALL.txt” when installing documents.

  • Install target split up (install-bin, install-data, etc.) in Makefile

  • Added initial help display ("–help")

  • Version info. shows whether or not some compile-time options were set.

  • Title/credits screen now dismisses itself after 5 seconds.


  • Installs PNG icon (for use by GNOME, KDE, etc.)

  • Installs launcher into GNOME and KDE menus (under “Graphics”)

  • Created 32x32, 24 color (based on “cmap.xpm”) XPM icon.

  • Added descriptive comments to Makefile

Bug Fixes / Tweaks:

  • Fixed SDL surface manipulation calls (now locks/unlocks, etc.)

  • Fixed “Open” dialog cursor movement bug when scrolling up.

Get it from: