Tux Paint 2002.08.09 released!

Tux Paint 2002.08.09 is available!

Tux Paint is a simple drawing program for young children,
which is available for Linux and Windows, and has been translated
into Spanish, French, German and Finnish.

Changes include:

  • Translated interface buttons to German, Spanish and French.

  • Documentation translated to Spanish.

  • More “Space” rubber-stamps added. (e.g., all planets except Pluto)

  • Added “Math” rubber-stamps (numerals and some operators)

  • Added “Musical” rubber-stamps (clefs, notes, rests, sharp/flat)

  • Bug fixes.

The website’s been updated recently (more translations), and I’ve
just put fresh images on the “Screenshots” page. (The thumbnails are
much larger, too.)


Note: The latest Windows version is 2002.08.07
(a ‘not-officially-released’ release from between
the last version (2002.08.04) and today’s)