Tux Paint 2002.08.23 available

Tux Paint 2002.08.23 is now available!

Tux Paint is a drawing program for young children, written using
cross-platform, Open Source libraries that allows it to run in
various languages (English, Spanish, French…) and on various platforms
(Linux, Windows, Solaris).

Learn about it, see it, and get it from:


Changes include:

  • Italian translation

  • Dutch translation

  • Updated German translation

  • Support for SDL’s upcoming “WMCLASS” support (so it’ll play nice under

  • Renamed US Coin stamps’ filenames, so that they sort in order of value.
    (Penny, Nickel, etc.)

  • Made a few of the flower stamps ‘tintable,’ to show off the feature.

  • Better looking cursor in ‘Open’ dialog.

  • ‘Candy-cane’ style progress bar displayed when first starting up,
    and while preparing to show thumbnails of saved images.

  • Added details on “*PREFIX” Makefile variables in “INSTALL.txt” docs.
    (Spanish translation of this file needs updating!)

  • And, last but not least, the number one requested feature:
    Support for loading older, BMP-format ‘saved’ images!

Call for help!

I’m interested in translating Tux Paint to as many languages as possible.
I’d especially like help in the non-Latin-character languages like
Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc… I’ll need (open source compatible)
TTF fonts, and help getting the code to work with them.


bill at newbreedsoftware.com