Tux Paint - 2002.09.08 available

Tux Paint is a drawing program for young children, currently available for
Linux, Unix and Windows, and translated (to varying degrees) to nine languages!

Lots of big changes since Friday:

  • The ‘Print’ command finally works!
    It currently only works under Linux and Unix, however, and makes use of
    some ‘NetPBM’ tools.

    • ‘Print’ command can be disabled from the command-line or config. file.
    • User can be restricted to only printing once every N seconds.
    • Unix commands called to actually do the printing can be altered via config
  • Pre-rendered thumbnail files created during ‘Save’

    • Used in ‘Open’ dialog, so it’s MUCH faster now!
    • ‘Open’ dialog will create thumbnail files for any files which don’t
      have them (so click ‘Open’ once, and it will never be slow again!)
  • ‘docbook-to-man’ tool is now optional. (“Makefile” determines whether
    it’s available, and if not, skips trying to build Tux Paint’s man-page.)

  • Alpha-blended shadow behind pop-up prompts
    (Can be disabled at compile-time)

  • Undo buffers doubled (approximately)

  • Progress bar animation added to ‘Save’ operation

  • Updated Norwegian translations.

  • Bugfix in Win32’s “opendir” function.

There’s also a new release of Tux Paint’s “rubber stamp” images
(recently split off from the main package).

Changes include:

  • Updated Norwegian translations.

  • “Makefile” tests to see if Tux Paint (the program) is installed.
    If not, it doens’t abort, but does warn the user.

  • Six new stamps added:

    • Photos/Food/Vegetables:

      • Onion
      • Garlic
      • Yam
    • Photos/Food/Fruit:

      • Green Apple
      • Red Apple
      • Orange

Finally, the Windows builds (for both the main progra, and the rubber stamps)
should, from now one, come as auto-installer EXE programs!

(Windows version is currently at 2002.09.06 for both packages.)

Enjoy! Feedback is very welcome! More translations (of the app. and the
website) and rubber stamp art would be nice, too!


bill at newbreedsoftware.com