Tux Paint for OS X - HELP!

Hi! I’m still looking for a Mac OS X developer who’d be willing to
package up ‘Tux Paint’ for me.

I’ve tried asking here in the past, and more recently in a number
of Mac usenet newsgroups. I even posted a call for help to the Fink
development mailing list.

No response so far. :^(

I’ve personally gotten Tux Paint to run on OS X, but I have no idea how
to package things up so they’re easy to use for Joe Average Mac Owner.

I posted a breakdown on how I got it compiled (including compiling all
of the libraries it depends on) using GCC to the Tux Paint development
mailing list, so someone more familiar with OSX development should have
no problem getting it built, I think!


If anyone would like to help, please let me know, and sign up for the
’tuxpaint-dev’ list. Thanks!


Thanks again!


PS - I’m also still interested in a Mac OS (Classic) port of Tux Paint. :^)