Tux Paint website & gallery

Tux Paint is a drawing program for young kids, written using libSDL and
a number of SDL add-on libraries (SDL_image, SDL_ttf, SDL_mixer),
and which runs on Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows, Mac OS X, and BeOS.

I just thought I’d share with the group that I’ve updated the TP website
so that it looks much more user-friendly (compared to the rest of my NBS
site, at least!)

I’ve also created a ‘gallery’ section with artwork submitted by parents
and teachers. (So far, it includes some of my own images, and some
by a little 11yr old girl in India :^) )


Tell me whatchya think! (Off-list, of course, because web comments would
be off-topic)

Enjoy! :slight_smile: Thanks again for SDL. It’s awesome, and is helping make 1000s of
kids around the world happy :wink: