Two issues with SDL Android on Samsung devices


I have two new issues reported by Samsung when they tested my applications.

Before someone asks:

  • It works fine with most (all) other devices
  • I don’t know whether this is new or not. but Samsung never reported it before.
  • I updated to SDL trunk like it was the October 1st.

1/ Problem with Screenshot:
With a Landscape application, they press HOLD + HOME key. The
application crashes.

2/ Screen distorted
With a Landscape application.
Going to background with Home Key, then foreground.
The screen is distorted.

It seems that the issues happen with a Galaxy Note 3 (issue #2), or
Galaxy Alpha (issue #1).
Maybe this would happen also with other devices.

All applications in Portrait mode passed the Samsung certification,
but those in Landscape got those issues.

If you have one of those devices, I would be glad if you could give a
try. Let me know.