Two probs with FB/SDL

  1. when reset to text, while text resolution is restored, the graphics
    mode is not set back to text operation. Basically it’s -really- slow
    unless I reset the mode using ‘fbset’…
    (this one I’m not sure about)

  2. USB mouse not supported (?). It’s a logitech wheelmouse (one of them
    glowing specials). Works fine under both gpm and X, I haven’t yet set
    SDL. svgalib doesn’t work on my graphics card so I haven’t checked that
    (looking into the source -> it’s going to IMPS/2 form…
    but it’s jumping around…)
    Oh and quitting gpm made no difference (fwiw).

Oh -> the mouse -does- start, but it jumps around wildly spitting out all
kinds of codes. As an aside, yes IMPS/2 is the right protocol from
comparing to gpm.

Will do some searching into gpm source - note that gpm (and X) both work
fine - and the wheel operates correctly in X g.

I’m using linux-2.4.5 and current SDL CVS (today) with a Matrox G450
dualhead (not that the second head is used at the moment). Keyboard is a
Microsoft Natural Pro USB (mouse is on here as is joystick). There’s a
number of extra keycodes from this beast - as well as from the Chinese
keyboard I have which I have no idea how to use yet g. Anyone
interested in formal codes for this? :slight_smile:

PS: (and OT) - Anyone know how to do traditional Chinese input under
linux? I wouldn’t mind some pointers to Japanese as well… I should
point out that while I’m (slowly) learning both languages I have neither
well enough to read -technical- documents on how to do this… and
there’s a shortage of online docs.

G’day, eh? :slight_smile:
- Teunis–
May all your dreams be satisfying ones!

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