Unable to open SDL_mixer source files in VC++ 2 008 Express

I’m trying to compile SDL_mixer with debug information in order to track down
some odd crashes in Mix_PlayMUS that I’m getting in my FreePascal game. I’ve
downloaded and installed Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition and downloaded the
SDL_mixer source files. I’ve placed them all in the Projects folder, as well as
the SDL_mixer VisualC project files. However, when I open the project file in
Visual C++, I can’t open any of the source files themselves. I always get an
error message “c:\Documents and Settings\Christian\My Documents\Visual Studio
2008\playmus.c Cannot open file” for example. The odd thing is that the file is
located in “c:\Documents and Settings\Christian\My Documents\Visual Studio
2008\Projects\playmus.c” (notice the \Projects part). It seems that the program
always tries to open the file from one folder up to where it actually is, no
matter where I place it. The same happens with all the other files.