Undefined DPMSDisable symbol with 1.2.11 on Linux


I’ve just downloaded the last SDL-1.2.11 tarball to test the new
SDL_GL_SWAP_CONTROL 1.2.10 attrib. I’ve tested it on 3 linux
distributions : Ubuntu Dapper Drake, Debian Unstable and SuSE 10.1. The
problem is that when I run the testgl test program, there’s always the
same output error :

testgl: SDL error ‘Failed loading DPMSDisable: /usr/lib/libX11.so.6:
undefined symbol: DPMSDisable’

and the vsync doesn’t work.

It seems that after having set the attribute SDL_GL_SWAP_CONTROL to 1,
the call to SDL_SetVideoMode generates this error.

Any ideas about this problem ?

Lo?c Molinari <@Loic_Molinari>