Undefined reference linking errors

The Windows version of SDL 1.3 compiles and links just fine. But for mac and linux we’re getting some linker issues. The errors are:

undefined reference to undefined reference to SDL_CreateWindow' ../physgameengine/bin/libphysgame.so: undefined reference toSDL_GL_CreateContext’
that was accidental and not complete
here is the whole one
…/physgameengine/bin/libphysgame.so: undefined reference to SDL_DestroyWindow' ../physgameengine/bin/libphysgame.so: undefined reference toSDL_CreateWindow’
…/physgameengine/bin/libphysgame.so: undefined reference to `SDL_GL_CreateContext’

The source is from the mercurial repo, most recent version. The library is being built with autogen.sh, then ./configure, then make with GCC. Does anyone have any tips or ideas?

Turns out this was an EBCAK error. We were using the wrong library that was compiled. It wasn’t an issue for windows because the folder with the library we need wasn’t in a folder that was hidden (prefixed with a “.”), where as in mac and linux it was. So our Mac and Linux guys had an issue finding the correct library to use.

For reference if anyone has a similiar issue, the final library you want/need is in the “SDL/build/.libs” folder, if you built using the “autogen.sh -> ./configure -> make” steps.