Unexpected SDL_KEYUP when creating new window

I wanted to scale the windowed version of my game by using Ctrl- and Ctrl+ to scale down and up. This works, I destroy the old window and create a new one with the smaller or bigger size (and the renderer and render texture). However, I’m not able to press Ctrl and press + release - or + twice to scale twice. This is caused by an SDL_KEYUP event for the Ctrl key after creating the new window, even though I keep the Ctrl-key pressed. Is this expected? Is there anything I can do about it?

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I realized there’s a better way of doing this, just using SDL_SetWindowSize(), but I’d still like an answer as to why this happens. So if anyone knows…

I’m not sure, but it’s possible that when a window gets focus (which I think happens implicitly when creating it) all the pressed keys are reset to prevent problems like the game missing a key-up when alt-tabbing out of the window (=> it only registered the keys getting pressed, when releasing them another window has focus) and then getting back into the window by clicking on the task bar

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Mmm, yeah, that makes sense. Thanks.