UPDATE Segmentation fault ?!?


(Seems that I have forgot something ;-))

I am using the newest stable release 0.8.10, and the only
thing I see is ‘Segmentionf fault (core dumped)’, when I run
whatever demo. E.g. ()> fire

ArnoldOn Fri, 27 Nov 1998, Paulus Esterhazy wrote:

Sure thing.

I am running a just installed-nothing-fancy-ReadHat-5.0
With a S3 graphics card, cyrix p166+ CPU.

Cool, especially the cryix cpu! Intel must die.

One more try, :wink:


Maybe you could tell the list what SDL version you use, how you compiled it,
if you used the binaries, which demo crashes, what is shown,
how you run the example, …?
You know, it’s quite hard to see what the problem is if you don’t
know what the results and the conditions are…


Paulus - (pesterhazy at gmx.net)