Updated Perl SDL bindings (sdlpl)

I have updated the perl bindings of sdpl-1.0.1 :

  1. fixed some typos
  2. added some more constants
  3. added OpenGL support
  4. removed the ‘sound_cmd’ (Hack: until I sort out the real problem)
  5. added some more examples. (a BASIC perl scroller demo, open gl examples)

I would release this to the masses but I cant seem to get hold of
the original author, who really should be in charge of the release.
So I don’t want to put it up, I will however give it to people who request it
(by sending ME an e-mail), so I can keep tabs on who needs to know of the official release, and that most bugs (for the new stuff) should be directed to me.

Please could the maintainers of this list tell me if the original author
is still subscribed? So I know he ‘might’ get this message. I
have not been able to get in touch with: goehrig at buffnet.net
David, if your out there, please get in touch.


Wayne Keenan