Updating SDL2 "LettersFall 5" Game - Please Criticize Code/Game


I am updating our free SDL2 spelling educational video game called “LettersFall 5” now.
Game is post-beta already, just refreshing the source code now in preparation for next SDL2 game project.
Game is 100% cross-platform and also open-source.

Please take a look at this URL link below for more information about the game:
(download the ZIP for source code and Linux makefile if you need that)

The game should be error/bug free, but perhaps we missed something?
The code is clean but needs work, particularly the keyboard input.
Any complaints or suggestions for improvement can be voiced in this forum thread.


16BitSoft Inc.
Video Game Design Studio


Please write in this SDL forum thread only (not on the 16BitSoft website).
Someone wrote this:

Tested on Linux (x86_64) :

Just used data + src + the makefile (removing the useless -g GCC flag )

  • compilation is ok
  • lf launches and seems to work
  • I didn’t figure out how to play, sorrry : no way to select a letter :-/

Last: what is the license of your code ?

Game source code is GPLv3.
You play the game with the mouse (click on letters in playfield to select).