[User] upgrading from 1.2.15 to 2.x

I would like to run some software on SDL2 on top of the linux framebuffer, like with the 1.2;x version, which is no more supported by softwares i use to use like qemu.
I have buld mesa (18xxx), SDL2 compiles fine, i can run demos/tests, it’s slow because the r300 driver is not built (llvm is not buit, my gcc is outdated, sorry, this is a major updrade, i have to sort first,what could be done), gbm don’t found it, can’t us it, but video output and sound output is ok. Video with SDL_VIDEODRIVER=kmsdrm (or drmkms, i never remember which one it is)
My concern is about input, i have build libvncserver and the example programs, SDLvncviewer can output, very slowly, the reactos desktop of the qemu vm, but input, kbd like mouse, doesn’t go to the vncviewer, i can do ctrl-c to stop the process or switch between vts;…
Maybe my approach is wrong as it is too much inspired by the 1.2.x behavior, don’t know ?!?
Any idea/tips/pointers/help? Thanks in advance.