Using Saitek P990 on OS X

Hi -

I’m new to SDL and currently I’m trying to use just it’s joystick
interface. I have everything working OK using a Saitek P990 on Mac OS
10.4.7, the only issue I have is that, upon start up of my program the
analog sticks are uncalibrated until I move them to their extrema.
After that they are mostly calibrated except that the zero for both axes
on the left stick is -32, and on the right stick the zero for both axes
is -64. This behavior is very repeatable. While I can work around this
in my code, I’m wondering if theres any simple fix I could use – is
there a SDL joystick calibration routine that I am missing? Do I need
to use some other calibration routine that is not part of SDL?

I can extract code snippets if anyone really wants them but essentially
my initialization code is just:
joy = SDL_JoystickOpen(0) ;

And in a loop I am calling:
SDL_JoystickGetAxis(joy, axes_num);

Thanks in advance.