Using SDL with FLTK


I’m new to the list. I’m using SDL for OpenGL rendering of a board game
on Windows, but SDL lacks multiple windows and positioning of them. So I
got to get FLTK ( to display more than one GUI window. The
first thing i encountered when i displayed a fltk window and a sdl
window at the same time was, that SDL_PollEvent() eats up the input of
the fltk window. Stopping calling SDL_PollEvent() caused the fltk input
widget to behave correctly. Next thing was, that linking to fltk
prevents SDLNet from working correctly (SDLNet_TCP_Open returned NULL).
Maybe because FLTK uses async sockets.

I used SDL 1-2-10 and FLTK 1-1-7 compiled with MinGW.
Are mutliple windows planned for SDL in the future? This would greatly
improve SDL. Also FLTK can handle multiple monitors, is that planned for

Thanks in advance!