Very Slow

Hi !
I am programing an application for the vesa fbdev which works with a
resolution of 1024x768, Fullscreen mode. I tried to move 15 Surfaces with a size
of 200*150 and the program gets realy slow.
I tried to run the application on a Cyrix Media Gx 230 (4mb media gx gfx),
PII 350 and PIII 550 with a 8mb Mach64. I think the Surfaces should move
over the screen like hell but they don’t.

I use SDL-1.0.8
and my code works this way:

  • Blit Background of the Surface
  • Change move-variables
  • Get Background of the Surface
  • Blit Surface

What exactly does SDL_UpdateRects(); because i think this function only
copies Memory and this should be very fast. But at this function i lose a lot
of time.

Something i also wondered everytime i use SDL_DOUBLEBUF and SDL_HWSURFACE
and Blit the Surface i see it on the screen (without calling
SDL_Flip(screen)) - Why is there a SDL_Flip() and how should it behave?–
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