Video Game Networking Programmer Needed

Video Game Networking Programmer Needed…


My team and I are working on
a cross-platform open-source
Tetris game called:
“T-Crisis 3 100% Duel A.I.”

We would like to add
Internet and network playing to the game
but no one on the team has experience
doing this work.

If your interested in help with this
then please download the current build here:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Windows® + Source code:

Linux + Source Code + Makefile

As I already said, this is a freeware game so there is no financial

If interested, then email me directly at: JessePalser at

Jesse "JeZ+Lee"
JessePalser at
Video Game Design Studio

As I said in an email, I do not have time to actually do this for you; but could advise your current developers on the matter. The majority of my serious development experience is with an open-source MMO clone, so I’m pretty familiar with the logic involved.------------------------
EM3 Nathaniel Fries, U.S. Navy