Videos for the reactive programming language "Ceu" with SDL


I created some videos to illustrate the programming style of the
programming language C?u:

C?u is a reactive programming language designed to implement control
patterns in a safe and high-level style.
Games and GUIs are examples of reactive applications with plenty of control
patterns (e.g. animations), which could take advantage of C?u.

The videos use SDL as the underlying platform and explore the following
peculiarities of the language:

  • reactive and synchronous execution model (in contrast with threads and
  • lock-free and deterministic concurrent execution
  • an object system that encapsulates state and lines of execution
    (i.e. properties and “threads”)
  • first-class timers
  • an internal notification mechanism
  • safe interaction with C through finalization blocks

Although C?u was originally designed for constrained embedded systems (e.g.
Arduino), I believe it can also be applied to larger systems.
Hence, this is my first attempt with SDL-2 (many thanks for this library!).

Please, I’ll be happy with feedback regarding the videos and, of course,
the language C?u itself.
(I’m a subscriber of this list.)

Best regards,–