VidSlide - upcoming SDL game, based on plaympeg

Hi everyone…

I’ve just started working on a new game using SDL, called “VidSlide.”
(It’s based on the Atari Jaguar CD game “VidGrid.”)

The object is this: the screen has been broken up into pieces and you must
drag and drop, or slide the pieces back together. Unlike most sliding puzzle
games, VidSlide (and, of course, VidGrid) doesn’t just display a static
picture, but rather an animated movie.

The VidGrid game (which came free with the Atari Jaguar CD drive I bought)
is pretty cool, but unfortunately it’s only got 9 videos in it.

I figured, “well, there are countless MPEG movies, and I’ve never seen better
MPEG playing code [for Linux] than SDL’s ‘smpeg’ library… why not use it?”

So, what I’ve done is taken the source to “plaympeg” and started adding code
to make a game out of it! :slight_smile:

You can see a few screenshots (they’re from “Clarissa Explains it All” MPGs)
(Melissa Joan Hart is cute!)) on the new VidSlide website:

I hope to release a playable alpha version some time next week! :slight_smile:

bill at