Visual studio questions

our school is part of the MSDNAA and because of this all students
received a copy Visual Studio .NET 2003 and some other software.
Normally I use Dev-C++ but because the CDs of Visual Studio was lying
around I decided to install and test it.

Now I tried to write a small tool for editing q3-style config files in
C# but I have some trouble with the designer.
I placed a tabcontrol with 11 tabs in the form and everything seems ok,
but the order of tabs change when I compile the project.

For example in the designer the order is system; game; visuals; export.
Suddenly in the compiled application the order becomes system; export;
game; visuals as you can see this isn’t logical, because the user
should change the settings first and then export them to a file.

I know this is not sdl related but maybe anyone of you has experienced
the same problem.

Thanks in advance.