Weird Mouse/Touch events in SDL2.0.3 Android

1, if I plug a real mouse into an Android device, should I expect to receive real SDL_MouseMotionEvent events? All I’m getting are SDL_TouchFingerEvent events when I use a real physical mouse. Is this a bug? Is it fixed in 2.0.4?

2, when I use SDL_SetRelativeMouseMode(SDL_TRUE) I start to get fake SDL_MouseMotionEvent events generated when I touch the screen, with strange x & y positions and negative xrel and yrel values which are off the scale. The “which” value of these events are not SDL_TOUCH_MOUSEID, even though they are generated from touches. Again, another bug? Is it fixed in 2.0.4?

Thanks in advance. I’m having to write platform specific code to fix this, and I’d really like to handle physical mouse events in Android.