What is change - bugs or slower fps?

Hello everone.
I continue hardbreak SDL1.3 - really my head explose.

Sorry for my last post - leak not present - for release texture i call
SDL_DestroyTexture() but await no reaction (leaks present), after read
some /src/h,.cpp i found - need call SDL_DestroyRenderer() and assotiated
textures released + call SDL_DestroyWindow, but i impossible to understand
sense of function SDL_DestroyTexture().

My global situation:

I have 260 frames of animation (1024x768x24 - all is placed ~615Mb) - this
drawing on display 1, and on display 2 i draw 1 frames (1280x1024x24) - i not
have problems whis it.
Now about display 1!
If i draw 30 frames - fps ~100, 50 frames - fps ~100, 80 frames - fps ~100,
120 frames - fps ~100. It good, BUT!!!
If i drawing all 260 frames - first 150 drawing at fps ~100, next fps amount
degreeds - for 1 fps and programm exit with message “Killed”!
Change VIDEODRIVER - dont help. I think - on a low level library->x11glcriver
happen overflow AGPSize, but i can’t this check - on my machine BIOS dont have
this parametrs.
NOW! I have another way!
Loading all 260 frames as SDL_Surface and current frame make as SDL_TextureID
from function SDL_CreateTextureFromSurface().
ALL IS WORK!!! BUT!!! kill fps - ~18!!! This is FEAR!!!
Take me ideas, please.
I have:
Celeron 2.2G on i865G but internal video disable - present ATI RADEON9600XT,
1Gb memory, Slackware Linux 11.0, ATI drivers 8.33 (last).
Maybe you a know xorg Option for set AGPApertureSize (but this bad - on embeded
mashine in future memory 512Mb + Geod + Radeon 9000 64Mb)