What should SDL backend do if a videomode want set with greater resolution than max screen res possible?


i see no specification, how this is handled.

I see in some programs, for example ffplay


which can show pictures, when a
picture use resolution 30002000 it want open a 30002000 sdl surface in
fullscreen mode.and this fail.I test on cygwin and 68k amigaos(both
1.2.13).on cygwin
mode and fullscreen dont work and on amigaos windowmode work and scale
picture correct to fit to existing screensize, but fullscreen
give error could not set video mode.

Linux i have no installed.so i cant test.

what should sdl backend do in that case ?

I think it can be theoretic possible, when SDL_RESIZABLE in fullscreen can
set, that SDL change the width and hight value of the surface to the size
of the fullscreen.but if that is not document, a dev maybe dont check

But SDL docu does not list this feature.