What's the process for contributing code to SDL?

There’s a feature I’d like to implement for SDL, but I couldn’t find out how code submissions are supposed to happen. The “Contributing” page on the Wiki only describes contributing to the wiki itself, and while skimming the mailing list archives I mostly found git vs. mercurial discussions.
I already forked the SDL repository over to bitbucket, but how would I get my changes merged back into SDL? Also, is there anything else I need to know before I get started, like a CLA or something?

Usually you open an issue at https://bugzilla.libsdl.org/ and attach the patch.
Additionally (esp. for new features) it makes sense to also post the patch here and discuss the feature

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I don’t like the idea of adopting a load of features and changes without them being agreed by the community, and ultimately the heads of SDL first.

Well, the “heads of SDL” will certainly not merge a patch if they don’t agree with it…

But yeah, might make sense to discuss the feature a bit (this forum is the right place to do that) before spending lots of time implementing it