Where can I keep up with SDL dev updates?

Hi. I’m wondering if SDL has a github or something where I can keep up with, and interact with dev in real time. I’m mainly asking because right now I am wondering if SDL2 was ever made to use Open GL ES on the Raspberry Pi, and can’t find anywhere to figure it out.

I’ve seen forum posts telling people to install X, and make a SDL instance for keyboard and mouse while using something else for Open GL, but I would rather wait for SDL2 to officially support Open GL on Pi before I start messing with it.

I’m sure I’ll have other questions like that in the future, and questions like “Is this a bug?” or something , so knowing where to ask SDL staff and get a timely response will be quite important for me.

There is an SDL mailing list just for commits, and another for
development issues. See:

You can also watch the official Mercurial repository directly through
the web front end.

You can also search the SDL bugzilla at:

SDL on Raspberry Pi does work and uses OpenGL ES by default. That was
the original implementation because the Pi did not support desktop
OpenGL until the recent beta driver. SDL + the original Pi driver
would directly render to the display, so you didn’t need X. If you use
the Pi beta driver plus compile optional X support, you can run in a
window in X. (If you are careful with the build settings, you can
compile SDL to work either way dynamically.)

If you would like to try out a prebuilt SDL Pi build (for Pi 2 or Pi 3
on the current stable Raspbian), you can try my Blurrr SDK which
contains a set of prebuilt library binaries and project templates and
examples. The projects use SDL’s 2D API or SDL_gpu. In both cases, you
don’t touch OpenGL/ES directly, but each library implemented wrappers
which call ES under the hood. Though you can write your own OpenGL ES
directly, as SDL_gpu demostrates.



Just to note that the desktop version of SDL2 available from the Raspbian Stretch repo (currently 2.0.5) uses the x11 video driver and offers ‘opengl’, ‘opengles2’ and ‘software’ as available renderers:

sudo apt-get install libsdl2-2.0-0