Why does my program crash when switch back to windows from full screen mode?

hello guys,

i’m writing a full screen sdl+opengl program under windows xp with
visual studio 2005. but every time i try to switch back to windows

is there any way to solve this problem? i think this is important,
because i really need the debug feature of vs2005, however when
debugger reaches a break point, crash happens.

one more thing:

i know there is a function to specify custom mouse cursors in sdl, but
i wanna know, is there any pre-defined cursors like the “hand cursor”,
“cross hair cursor” or “sandglass cursor”? because it is a huge
kerfuffle to create all these cursors my self, you know, counting
pixels one by one.

thank you.from my program using the short cut key “ALT+TAB”, my program crashs.