Why is there nothing to learn how to do things ?

Unless really commun things like openning a window, or displaying a picture, i don’t see example to manage xbox controller, or to play a sound, i had to search on internet to find code example from a unknow site, why ?

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There are plenty of sources out there on the net. A really good goto source is LazyFoo’s Tutorials:

Plus there is the SDL2 wiki content as well.

Other than that, a lot of it is just like any other library, you gotta tinker around with stuff so you know how to transform the data SDL2 provides.

Yeah, SDL is definitely more of a library to than an engine. It gives you the tools you need to build what you want, but it doesn’t do most of that building for you, which I actually like. From what I remember when I was researching this, SFML is more for using existing features than making them yourself.

For resources, LazyFoo is great. The help section is also incredibly useful, though it rarely teaches you how to do something specific. (Again, if you know how to handle input events, the help section gives you all the info you need to build that yourself.)

I’m sure you can find some open-source games that use SDL. More than that, search Stack Overflow for the general questions you have and then you can use those answers to guide you in how to design your program with SDL. I know that’s easier said than done, but the power I’ve found in SDL is that it allows us to use as much or little of it as we want, the consequence of which is that there isn’t going to be a single way of doing most things.