Wierd Bug

I encountered a weird bug today. I was doing some final tests of my game ( you can find a demo at www.ckmgaming.com ) and I had someones profile page open on facebook ( in firefox, linux ). Loaded up my game and the graphics in the window was flashing. quit firefox and the game ran fine. Loaded firefox again, logged in to facebook, went to my profile page, and loaded the game. Worked fine. Loaded up someone else’s profile page (on facebook), started the game again and it was flashing again.

Seems somehow peoples profile pages on facebook, when running firefox in ubuntu causes an error with SDL 1.2 and Opengl rendering. Not sure if it happens in windows as well, will test that later today.

Just thought I would mention it, very weird… Not going to try debug it, have no idea where to start, will just put a note in the games readme that having firefox open to facebook can affect the game.

spelt weird wrong in the subject.