Wiki out of date

The wiki is missing some documentation for features that became available since 2.0.7 (like Vulkan), but it’s a bit hard to edit the wiki (have to email a user/password to something??). Can we consider opening this up to let others improve the documentation more?

I guess opening up is not an option because of spam - however, mailing username+pw to that address isn’t that hard and in my experience is answered (accepted) relatively quickly.

Regarding Vulkan: I assume that much of the initial state of the Wiki had been generated from the doxygen comments in the headers - if that is the case, could someone (@icculus or @slouken I guess?) do the same for Vulkan? (Are there other new APIs?)
That would give a nice base that Wiki contributors can incrementally add examples and more description to then - I think adding all the new functions and structs by hand would be a bit cumbersome.