Win Opengl Problems WAS Re: Savage4 OpenGL not accelera ted on Win32


Well, I had a similar problem and the following solution was suggested to
me. It worked for me on NT and win9x. May it’ll work for you in win2000.

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“Oisin Mulvihill” <Oisin.Mulvihill at> wrote

The keyboard still isn’t working in nt or 95 however
I’ve managed to get it working in linux and BeOs. It
just doesn’t appear to cause any events when I press it.
I’ve seen mention of a function SDL_RegisterApp()which
is supposed to fix this problem however, I can’t find
it in the SDLdocs or the documentation on the SDL site,
can anyone help please?

yeah, it’s not documented, it is buried in the code though
and exported in the library. again, i believe the recommended
way is to link with the SDLmain.lib, but i’ve gotten it working
without that, and here is the snipped code to get it registered.

/****************** near the top ***************/

#ifdef _WIN32 /msvc defined _WIN32/
extern int SDL_RegisterApp(char*, Uint32, void*);

/************* during the initialize ***********/

#ifdef _WIN32
SDL_RegisterApp(“MyGameClass”, 0, GetModuleHandle(NULL));


cut n’ paste

------ Finish.

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accelerated on Win32

Updating the video drivers helped,
now opengl works on win2000…

Now if I only could get the keyboard events to show up,
everything would be perfect…

I probably have a very special case, since I’m writing
a wrapper around SDL to be dynamic linked into *erlang.

If I create a separate process for the SDL stuff and
communicate with it via pipes it workes great but when
I use it as a dll the keyboard events don’t show up…

Anyone have any ideas??

Atleast solaris and linux works as it should :slight_smile: