Win Opengl Problems WAS Re: Savage4 OpenGL not accelerated on Win32

To continue on the windows opengl issue…

On Win2000 I can’t create any opengl windows at all.

Has anyone had any success with win 2000 ??

Debugging it shows that it fails in WIN_GL_SetupWindow
where GL_hrc = this->gl_data->wglCreateContext(GL_hdc);
returns NULL.

Afterwards GetLastError returns 0.


Updating the video drivers helped,
now opengl works on win2000…

Now if I only could get the keyboard events to show up,
everything would be perfect…

I probably have a very special case, since I’m writing
a wrapper around SDL to be dynamic linked into *erlang.

If I create a separate process for the SDL stuff and
communicate with it via pipes it workes great but when
I use it as a dll the keyboard events don’t show up…

Anyone have any ideas??

Atleast solaris and linux works as it should :slight_smile: