WinCE bug

The WinCE code crashes in DIB_CreateWindow because SDL_AppName == NULL. This
is caused by the fact that SDL_RegisterApp (which initializes SDL_AppName)
is #ifdef’ed out in console_main in SDL_main.c.
Please add something like:

#ifdef _WIN32_WCE

/* Create and register our class *
DJM: If we do this here, the user nevers gets a chance to
putenv(SDL_WINDOWID). This is already called later by
the (DIB|DX5)_CreateWindow function, so it should be
safe to comment it out here. /
if ( SDL_RegisterApp(appname, 0/CS_BYTEALIGNCLIENT/,
GetModuleHandle(NULL)) < 0 ) {
ShowError(“WinMain() error”, SDL_GetError());
#endif /
_WIN32_WCE */

or check for a NULL-pointer in DIB_CreateWindow.