WinCE SDL_GetTicks() problem

In trying to port eggtimer to Windows CE, I’ve noticed something strange –
time spent in sleep mode is not counted. So I can run eggtimer set to 2
minutes, turn off the PDA, wait 5 minutes then turn it back on, an the timer
won’t know 5 minutes have passed! This may not be a big deal on a PC where
sleep state isn’t used often, but PDA’s sleep all the time.

I’m experimenting with using GetSystemTime instead, and it definitely includes
the missing time – but it has the precision of your average crayon, leaving
the ‘milliseconds’ portion of their time structure set at 0 all the time.

A combination of the two would be possible, as long as it’s acceptable for the
values to be off by a maximum of +/- 1 second.