Windows (not RT) display mode enumeration

As of version 2.0.10, the Windows device seems to get it’s display capabilities directly from the Win32 API. However, I’ve come into a problem where on my poopsauce monitor, not all of my display modes are compatible with the swapchain color format that I am using for a DirectX11 game. (DXGI_FORMAT_R8G8B8A8_UNORM, im also not using SDL_Renderer and just using the system window handle to use DirectX11 directly, but that doesn’t matter in my specific case)

As a result, when a user selects a display mode in-game, the game can’t change to it if DXGI’s validation for display mode compatibility doesn’t go through. In my specific case, I’m trying to let the user choose a refresh rate, but since my monitor doesn’t support a specific rate with my chosen color format, nothing happens.

I noticed that the WinRT bootstrap gets its display information from DXGI, albeit with a constant format… is there a way I can get a SDL API to get display information that works with both D3D9, DXGI, and OpenGL on Windows?

For reference i have attached device enumerations on both SDL and DXGI from a quick test app results.txt (3.8 KB)