Windows video mode problems


I’ve added code to allow the user to change the video mode from within
my “game”. It’s working perfectly on X11 (Gentoo), but there’s
problems on Windows XP (Windib). I’ve tried SDL 1.2.10 and SDL 1.2.11
with the same results.

First, the list of video modes include 15 bpp modes and
"SDL_VideoModeOK(w, h, bpp, SDL_FULLSCREEN|SDL_OPENGL)" reports that
the video mode is valid with OpenGL. If I select one of these modes
using “screen = SDL_SetVideoMode(w, h, bpp,
SDL_FULLSCREEN|SDL_OPENGL);” it creates a window (not full screen).

Is SDL emulating 15 bpp modes (incorrectly)? - I don’t think the
video chipset actually supports 15 BPP modes. If this is the case is
there a way to disable the emulation or to detect if a video mode will
be emulated beforehand (or even if it is being emulated after it’s

Next, the video card (an onboard Intel 82865G) is capable of rotating
the entire screen in steps of 90 degrees (for e.g. in Windows video
settings you can tell it to rotate the screen 180 so that the “top” of
the screen appears at the bottom and everything is upside-down). These
"rotated" video modes are being reported by SDL - I get a 768 * 1024
video mode, a 600 * 800 video mode, a 480 * 640 mode, etc. If I select
one of these modes my entire screen is rotated 90 degrees
anti-clockwise! Is there any way to prevent this?

Lastly, if I select a full screen video mode that is smaller than 640

  • 480 (or 480 * 640), the mouse pointer disappears. I tried different
    combinations of “SDL_WarpMouse()”, “SDL_ShowCursor(SDL_ENABLE)” and
    "SDL_SetCursor()" to see if I could get the mouse pointer back, but
    nothing worked.

If anyone has any suggestions for any of these problems I’d appreciate it… :slight_smile:



Hi, I saw your Windows problem in a forum:

Maybe is late for this but, check this link:
docname=c00058623> &cc=us&dlc=&product=58207&docname=c00058623

Also you can try start Windows on VGA mode.

Best Regards

Alejandro Medina J.