WinMain / Crosscompiler

Sam Lantinga wrote:

Since gcc and VC++ do different things with main(), and neither
of them really map to WinMain(), SDL provides it’s own WinMain(),
which calls your application main(), which is redefined by a
preprocessor define to RunMain()

Yes, it’s ugly, but that’s Windows for ya. :slight_smile:

I’ll document it a little better when I get the VC++ code updated
in 0.11.2


Sam Lantinga wrote:

ANOQ wrote:

Bla bla Crosscompiler… [snip]

Yes, I already have it built, but libtool generates libraries of the form:

I’m trying to figure out how to fix this. :slight_smile:


I’ll release it as soon as I can fix this. Any ideas?

Alas, no…