WinRT inconsistency(?) with navigation bar behaviour


I found an interesting behaviour of the WinRT (UWP) app’s naviagtion bar on
the Lumia 550 (other phones may be similar):

  1. If I start the app from the app list, the navigation bar becomes
    transparent and auto-hides after a while. It can be “wiped in” again (being
    still transparent), and it auto-hides again (either touching the screen
    somehwere else or a timeout, I don’t remember exactly) - just as intended.

  2. If I start the app from inside the store app, the navigation bar stays on
    screen, and is not transparent. You can “wipe” it out though to get the
    desired fullscreen. Not a big issue, but interesting behaviour nevertheless.

A simple google search did not reveal any clear answer as to whether the
navigation bar behaviour can be influenced programmatically or not. Does
anybody know what’s up with this?