wxWindows (OT)

Daniel Phillips wrote:

After poking around for a while, I’ve settled on wxWindows.

The pure-GL solutions like PUI and GLUI and GLOW each present a
consistent appearance on each platform, since they render within the
OpenGL window using their own code (well, popups are handled via glut in
GLUI and GLOW, so they look like crap; PUI does its own popups, but they
still look like crap). If this is what you want, go for it. In my case,
I want my app to look native on each platform, so wxWindows was the way
to go.

Does wxWindows play well with SDL? I haven’t tried it, but it looks to me
like wxWindows wants to create your windows for you and take over the main
event loop. GTK wants to do that too, which is why I’m not that interested
in using it. It makes no sense to me that a widget set should grab control
of your main program, just to make you do workarounds to make it seem like
that didn’t happen. QT seems to at least recognize this problem and provide
some support for coexistence with applications that want to run their own
event loop. FLTK on the other hand, does what I think a widget set should,
and is quite happy to completely stay out of the way of your application,
letting you create the OpenGL surface with SDL and run the main loop yourself:


I don’t know if FTLK can use native widgets. I think it can use native MS
Windows widgets, but I don’t have a Windows system and haven’t verified this.

I do very much like the way FTLK interacts with SDL and I like the way it
looks, so for me FTLK is looking very promising. The way I see it, a widget
set should just be a widget set and not try to take over the world.

wxWindows uses native widgets on the supported platforms, unlike Qt which
emulates the widgets (it does a spiffy job-- dunno if it’s better than
Java in that or not). As well, wxWindows just released a new version and
now supports MacOS 9.x, MacOS X, Win32, Gtk, and Motif. Oh-- and
wxWindows is about ten years old, so it is very mature (well, for an Open
Source project), and has a huge userbase.

For a game, native widgets aren’t important imho, they just need to work
work in the expect way and look good.

Like everybody else, I’m feeling my way through this.

It is obviously a complicated subject. I am more interested in
easy-of-programming than anything else as far as a GUI is concerned (of
course it has to look OK). One of the great attractions of SDL is that
it is so intelligently designed and easy to use. I have just installed
wxWindows (on W2000) and have been playing with it a bit, particularly
with the OpenGL sample cube.cpp, since I need to have OpenGL access. I
don’t know if this is a well-written example or not, but the code makes
me feel a bit sick. It seems unnecessarily complex and confusing, but
that is probably just the combination of the nature of GUI/OO code and
my level of ignorance in this area.

From what you say FLTK sounds interesting. If it makes the coding more
straightforward I’ll be a starter.

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